Tommy Trash’s load diary: cuffed and fucked

Hello TIM men! I’m Tommy Trash, and as I announced previously, I’ve officially given myself to Paul Morris as his slave and property. 

I’m journaling my experience as my life and identity are reworked into becoming the official TIM slave. My initiation into being Sir’s property is that I must take 100 loads, and I’m not wasting any time. 

Like many of us, I’m still being cock-blocked by COVID restrictions, so I’m going to have to do this the hard way. No cheating by arranging one of my classic 32-load gangbangs in some seedy hotel room.

No, it’s going to have to be the old-fashioned way – hook-ups and hunting for sex. I started my quest the very first night I was set the challenge. And while there were only a couple of hours left in the day, I managed to score four loads.

One of them started slapping me around and so the other guy got rougher too. It was like they were trying to one-up each other.

Load #1 was from a young lad who has fucked me a few times before. He always insists on me being blindfolded, and says he’s straight and has a girlfriend. The first time he came over, I was blindfolded but could tell he had one of the most amazing bodies I’ve ever felt. I was desperate to see what he looked like. I ran my hands all over him to try and get an idea in my head. Now he comes round regularly after football practice, uses my mouth and hole, dumps his load and leaves without a word. 

Load #2 was an older guy with a thick cock and tattoos. I’ve never met him before, he said he was a delivery driver and was just passing through the area and wanted to dump a load. When he arrived he saw the blindfold and handcuffs left on my bedside table, and without asking (no man needs to ask my permission) he put them on me and cuffed my hands behind my back. He had huge balls, real low-hangers, which are my favourite. The sound of them slapping against my ass cheeks as he pounded me could have made the house shake. I was gutted we didn’t have time for him to get me on my back and fuck my throat, I would have loved to have felt them smothering my face as he used my mouth like a pussy. 

Load #3 and Load #4 came at the same time. I was only expecting one guy but he brought a friend. One of them had a long dick that smashed deep into my hole. Every time I opened my mouth to make a sound the other guy would shove his dick balls deep down my throat to shut me up. They were a fucking good team! They fed off each other’s animalism as the session went on. 

One of them started slapping me around and so the other guy got rougher too. It was like they were trying to one-up each other. They got me cuffed up with my arms and legs spread and took it in turns to breed my hole. The second guy laid on top of me, his hand clamped over my mouth to keep me quiet as I struggled against the cuffs while he thrust his long cock balls deep in my hole. When he blew his load, I could tell it was a massive load by how flooded my insides felt. They joked about leaving me cuffed to the bed, but untied me and left, cum running down my legs.


Keep checking back on the blog to keep up with my progress or follow @TIMPorn and @SlaveBoyTom on Twitter. Your encouragement – and your abuse – will help me become the fuck-hole slave I was born to be. You can reach me by email — – or via Twitter DM. Write to me to let me know how I’m doing, praise or degrade me or just say “hello faggot”.

Until next time Sirs and slavebros,

Tommy the Treasure Island Media slave


Tommy is a natural cock-hungry faggot aiming to become a true sex slave – and the slut has given himself as property to TIM founder Paul Morris. We’re going to get to work on this boy and have instructed Tommy to journal his experience as his life and identity are rebuilt. Some of you will get to use him. Some of you will wish you were him. Keep checking the blog for all the latest on Tommy’s quest.

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  1. Wish this blog starts from the very very beginning. I think by now thousands of horny bottom pussyboys are wondering, “why you?” I can imagine how much envy is projecting towards your sexy body and cute baby face. But still, all these hungry submissive bottoms are asking, how did you get this position?
    How did you get our King of gay porn Sir Morris to be interested in you and even considering taking you in under his balls. Tell us, what’s your secret? Can another equally gorgeous, submissive, insatiable muscular white pussyboy get to be Sir Morris’ next slave?
    Hmmm… this sounds like a perfect reality show that will run several seasons to come. Don’t you agree?
    Help me ask your Master, let’s start plan for the production of Paul Morris’ next top slave.. will definitely a big hit!!!

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