Tommy Trash’s 5 resolutions to make him a better slave in 2022

I started 2022 the way I want it to continue – with a stranger’s cock buried balls deep in my hole and his hands around my throat. 

I started 2022 the way it should continue – with a stranger’s cock buried balls deep in my hole and his hands around my throat. 

Minutes after midnight on January 1, as celebrations rang out all around, I was experiencing the euphoric half pleasure/half struggle of getting fucked brutally  while struggling for air.

It seemed a fitting way to start off the year. After all, faggots should suffer. And in this new year, I’m determined to accelerate my addiction to cock and my devotion to being a mindless fuckhole slave who serves at the hands of sadistic men.

In 2021, I officially gave myself to Treasure Island Media founder Paul Morris as his property and became the studio’s resident slave. I’m already a different boy from the one I was at the start of last year. 

I’ve learned more about myself and my submissive nature than I thought possible under Paul Morris’ teaching. But there’s still a long way to go, even for an experienced fuckhole faggot like me.

Having passed my initiation challenge, last week I pledged myself to Paul Morris’ service, shackling my life and body to his will.

Since the new year is always a time for resolutions, here are five that will help me descend deeper into depravity. I’m sharing them with all of you, Sirs and fellow slaves, so you can follow my progress and encourage me along the way. 

Not only that, but your help in enforcing my faithfulness to these goals is essential. If I tell you what they are, I know none of you will tolerate any failure.

Tommy Trash’s 2022
slave resolutions

Commitment to the Owner

It will serve its Owner, Paul Morris, more deeply and will continue growing its commitment to Him. It is His property and it will gratefully use this honor to practice ever greater devotion to His will. Everything this slave does is for the pleasure of the Owner.

Dive deeper into cock addiction

I’m already an insatiable cumslut, but I know it can go further. This year I will serve more men, have my holes used more regularly, and take more cock than ever before. I am the slave and property of one man but a faggot fuckhole for all men. My owner has tasked me with taking at least one cock every day – or else face punishment.

Take 1,000 loads by the end of the year

It has been instructed by its Owner to seek every opportunity to serve men by getting fucked and bred. It is instructed to take at least 1000 loads by the end of the year. It will keep count and share its progress with the world.

Become marked as a slave

It has been instructed to be marked so that every man can identify it as a slave, a faggot and no more than holes to be used. The Owner has instructed it to get its first tattoos, gathering ideas and suggestions from all of you. Paul Morris will decide on the final designs.

More kink, bondage, slave training, and punishment

Being a slave is about serving men in many ways, not just through getting fucked. This faggot slave will submit to men for the abuse it deserves, including kink, pain, punishments, bondage, urinal use and other training.

TIMFUCK is the premiere breeding site from Treasure Island Media. Bringing you brand new bareback every week and full movies every month.

LatinLoads is Treasure Island Media’s south-of-the-border edition. Packed with all the same balls-out raw manfucking exclusively featuring Latin men.

There are plenty of things I will keep doing, too. Maintaining my body in the gym to keep it in optimum shape for men to use. Sharing my experiences with you all through this blog. Offering my holes for use to any man who wants them.

To all of you who supported, advised, used, trained, hurt, fucked, raped, abused and humiliated me throughout 2021, whether in person or virtually – thank you. 

Your daily degradation and encouragement keeps me in the right frame of mind and reminds me of my place. On my knees in front of real men.

Tell us your new year resolutions

Your first gangbang? Your 100th? Your first fist? Your first time in a sex club? Tell us your fucked-up new year goals in the comments below. Go on. We promise you won’t shock us.

  1. Cela me semble great. Tout ce qui est écrit j’adore. J’espère encore me prendre des litres de jus en moi et des bonnes bites comme toi

  2. I have a resolution to pump out a few of my erotic slave stories. I’ve been slowly writing them but I need to bite the bullet, get it done and published.

    I will also support you and any other pig/slave in becoming the best it can be

  3. I’m not much into resolutions, I’ve had a goal for probably well over a decade of taking 256 loads up my ass in a period of 10 hours….probably unrealistic, but one never knows.

  4. Goal 1: Breed 100 discrete (not discrete, lol) holes.
    Goal 2: Do at least 5 mass cum injections of my Seed (meaning at least 50 loads at once).
    Goal 3: Get at least a few good recordings of the first two.
    Bonus Goal: Should the opportunity arise, absolutely DESTROY Tommy Trash in the most brutally sadistic way I can think of.

    1. Wow I’d love to take a mass seed injection that’s always been a fantasy of this fag

  5. My aim this year is to become more depraved with no limits. My goal is to have a prolapsed hole too from lots of fisting and use collected ass blood from different men as lube to be fucked with

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