Signed with blood: Tommy Trash’s official slave pledge

Having passed his initiation challenge, Treasure Island Media slave Tommy Trash is ready for the next step – signing his life away to TIM’s founder, Paul Morris.

I make this oath of my own free will. I affirm that I fully understand the meaning and implication of this oath, and accept it will be enforced in full, and at all times.

The slave, Tommy Trash

I, Tommy Trash, am a natural born submissive faggot slave. The need to serve and be used runs deep in my veins, and under my skin, it’s the foundation of my soul and the reason I exist. I have felt this way for as long as I can remember. 

As a slave, I require constant training, use, abuse, punishment, degradation and humiliation. Slaves need this continual schooling, regardless of how experienced they are, to ensure their mindset and abilities never fade. 

So last year I gave myself to Paul Morris as His property and passed His initiation challenge. Now it is time to cement that vow to create an eternal shackle binding my life and body to His will. Once this has been witnessed by you, the Men reading this, it will be irrevocable. 

It understands that it is a body that exists to be used. It understands that it will be subjected to brutal punishment, pain, debasement, humiliation, training and sex. It understands that it has no choice or say whatsoever.

Since becoming the property of Paul Morris I have plunged deeper into submission and a life of service than I ever thought possible. Together we have explored new depths and understanding of the mindset of a modern day slave and its owner.

He has taken what I am and moulded me into a better slave. His constant teaching hones my thoughts, focuses my service, encourages my lust, and removes my inhibitions. It is sometimes challenging, but always rewarding. In order for me to fulfil my purpose on this earth, it must never end. And the choice is no longer my own.

He has shown me that the submissive slave instincts that make up my DNA are part of something larger, something spiritual and natural that is larger than any religion or holy belief.And he has shown me that I require his ownership and mastery to become the thing that I was born to be – a true faggot slave. Therefore I freely, and with everything I have, give myself in full service to Paul Morris.

The declaration

I vow before all Men, before the gods of Men, and in the name of all that is sacred and holy to Men, and all I hold sacred and holy, that I relinquish what was my personal life and free will and accept the absolute ruling will of my Owner and Master, Paul Morris, for the duration of this life and, should there be lives after this, for those lives as well.

The signed pledge in full

I am now a slave to Paul Morris for life and for eternity. I freely and permanently relinquish human identity and from this moment am not a person but a thing, an object of property owned by the Master.

It understands that it is a body that exists to be used. It understands that it will be subjected to brutal punishment, pain, debasement, humiliation, training and sex. It understands that it has no choice or say whatsoever other than to accept the will of its Master and Owner.

This slave’s life, body, mind and soul are from this day onwards permanently and irrevocably bound and subservient to the will of its Owner.

With all Men as witnesses, and this pledge publicly declared, this slave gives itself permanently to Paul Morris and will obey Him in all ways to the end of this life and through all lives that follow. This slave’s body, mind, and soul from this point forward into eternity are the possessions and property of the Master and Owner, to use and to direct in any way He wishes. 

This slave understands that at any time the Master and Owner can choose to sell, transfer or gift ownership of this slave to any other of His choosing. This slave understands and swears to obey this transfer of ownership.

The slave now known as Tommy Trash solemnly swears this with the world of Men and the gods of Men as witnesses. Should this slave fail to honor this pledge in any way, may it be shunned by all Men to live in dishonor, and may it be permanently denied physical or sexual contact with Men.

Signed with blood,

Tommy Trash

Now witness the signing

Leave a comment below to say you have witnessed the slave’s signing of the above declaration, and be part of the binding of Tommy’s life to Paul Morris’ will. The more men who comment below and say they witness his slavery, the deeper he is bound.

  1. I have witnessed it too. Take care to engrain those precepts into your very mind.

  2. So amazing to see a fag accepting its nature and leaving its past behind.
    Its witnessed and recogniced, slave.
    Enjoy your future.
    Im hungry to see how you will evolve further.

  3. I witnessed your oath. You’re not human anymore, and be grateful for that. Surrender your body to your master and anyone else with gratitude, because they give you purpose. Without them, without us, you are nothing.

  4. Witnessed. Well done, slave. You are infinitely fortunate to be in service to your new Owner and embarking on a life of complete service to Men like Him and Us, which is your lowly and rightful place. We look forward to watching your progress and journey in graphic detail.

  5. Witnessed and you are fucked in the best possible way. I hope it’s 100x harder that it expected.

  6. Actually, what I see is a slave ACCEPTING his condition willingly, I don’t see any undue pressure.
    I find it admirable to be able to go in this contract.
    I’ve always been torn between owning a slave toy like this gorgeous slave of me being the slave.
    Please let us know how your journey evolves.

    1. That’s exactly right, Sir. I’ve known my place in the world for as long as I can remember. I’m a natural born slave and this is the natural order of things for a faggot like me. Thank you!

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