Nullo: inside the growing world of dickless men

A man’s been arrested for allegedly performing castrations on guys. The media call it the handiwork of a ‘sinister gay cult’ – but is that fair to the world of Nullo men?

A man’s been arrested for allegedly performing castrations on guys. The media call it the handiwork of a ‘sinister gay cult’ – but is that fair to the world of Nullo men?

When Scoty was nine years old, he knew there was something wrong with his cock. Or more specifically, the fact he had one at all. He was very much a boy, firmly masculine, with no sense of being trapped in the wrong body or the wrong gender.

But as he grew older, he couldn’t shake the anxiety he felt about the cock and balls attached to his body. So last year he did something about it, and had them surgically removed.

Scoty is one of a group of men who refer to themselves as Nullos – those who have been genitally nullified. They’re not transgender – many of them still strongly identify as masculine men, they just don’t want to have a dick and testicles.

I would feel such anxiety about my genitalia that… I knew something was just not right.


It’s a close-knit community, often driven underground by the social stigma towards them. But more and more guys are getting the procedure done.

Around the world, men are being arrested for performing these procedures on other men outside of a typical medical environment. It’s prompted several members of the Nullo community to speak out about their experiences to help others understand why they feel the way they do.

Scoty became a Nullo after being encouraged to go through with the surgery because of the COVID pandemic

“I would feel such anxiety about my genitalia that… I knew something was just not right,” Scoty says.

“I knew I was gay, and I liked boys, but I didn’t know what any of that really meant. I looked down and realised… ‘that shouldn’t be there’. I was still a guy, wasn’t a girl, didn’t need a vagina.
Scoty documented his journey to becoming a Nullo on his Twitter account

“It was a very confusing time so later on growing up, when the internet happened, I had more information about who I was. I realised there were other people out there just like me, but still the likelihood of ever having surgery to fix it was just impossible and unheard of.”

But the opportunity eventually arose for Scoty, when the disruption of COVID brought a clarity to his desires for a different body.

Scoty consulted medical professionals and had the procedure carried out in hospital.

“COVID gave me time to really think about my life and how I wanted to be presented,” he says.

“People were dying by the thousands and I really felt this strong need to correct things.”

The Nullo community has found itself under media scrutiny in recent months after a string of high-profile cases and investigations by police forces around the world.

In December, a man was jailed in Germany for performing castrations on men in his home. And in the same month, a group of men were arrested in London for allegedly carrying out similar procedures.

These cases prompted widespread news coverage of what several outlets referred to as a ‘sinister gay cult’ – a label that Nullos reject.

“We’re definitely not a cult,” says Scoty. “I think we’re all just trying to live our life and live our truth. Of course the media is gonna take it and spin it around and make something ugly of it. But it’s really about the people.”

Even without media sensationalism, Nullo men say they regularly encounter people who don’t understand them or their motivations for becoming dickless men.

One academic thinks it’s because Nullo men challenge our typical perceptions of what masculinity is.

João Florencio specialises in the study of gay male sex culture

João Florencio is a senior lecturer at the University of Exeter in the UK. He specialises in the study of gay male sex cultures.

He told Treasure Island Media: “There’s a very long history where men who have their genitals removed would serve different social functions so that practice isn’t new. I think what is new is this particular identification as a certain community… and a very different understanding of this in relation to masculinity.

“They also fall in line with wider questions that we even see today in debates around trans issues… for instance whether one identifying as a man or a woman has anything to do with your genitals. There’s that question of why is my gender defined by my sex?

“This shift away from genitals as the anchor of masculinity I’ve also seen in 1970s porn culture in the kind of bloom in fisting and other kinds of sex practices which were not genitally focused and have been written about by many scholars.

“[It’s] one of the ways in which gay men rethought their bodies in terms of what pleasure and sex meant away from the dominance of the phallus, of the dick, in western culture.”

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A 2014 study looked into the growing world of biological males who sought to destroy or remove their testicles and penis. It thought the number of men who have undergone voluntary castration might be in the region of 10,000 in the United States alone.

The study found most men who had these desires identified as either gay or bisexual, and they usually struggled to find help from qualified surgeons. This means many resort to chemical castrating agents, self-surgery, or the help of so-called ‘cutters’ – people who perform the surgeries outside of a medical setting.

Curiously, the study also found that a large percentage of Nullos and wannabe Nullos had grown up on farms and participated in the castration of animals as children.

What is certain is the number of Nullos and would-be Nullos is growing as the community establishes itself more openly via websites and social media.

For Nullos, a more open community brings hope that with greater awareness comes the opportunity for better recognition by doctors and surgeons the world over.

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  3. I found this story very interesting, as a gay non-binary man, a non gender conforming male who lives in Brisbane Queensland Australia who, maybe not go fully nullo, but would rather have Gender Re-Affirming Surgery to have a Vagina like a Trans Guy, but not to take Female Hormones, as I’ve already lost one testie to cancer fears, and who’s HIV+ and who still has bareback sex, that is I prefer to be fucked by a guy, and not do him, a pity there’s nothing like that happening here in Australia.

  4. Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, thankyou. “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” by Mother Theresa.

  5. I’m so glad a media source is giving us a chance to be seen without some mentally ill or other degenerate label. I’ve been part of the body modification community since the late 1990s, and getting castrated or nullified didn’t seem to be an available option to me, at least not medically recognized. I’m so gratefull we now have legitimate medical and mental health professionals to help make this a reality. I’ve been a Eunuch for nearly 5 years, but I’ve had feelings about it since I was 14. I’m scheduled to be nullified soon and it cant be soon enough. I’ve met and become friends with 7 or 8 Eunuchs and Nullos in person and dozens online, and they are all intelligent, stable and well adjusted people. I’m so happy to see more and more men become Eunuchs and Nullos, because these are people who can finally be in the body they perceive themselves to be in.

    1. I hated my testicles so I injected them with ever clear 190 proof grain alcohol over the course of four months to kill them , it worked perfectly . After that I had them removed by a certified urologist
      I couldn’t be happier

    2. I hated my testicles so I injected them with ever clear 190 proof grain alcohol over the course of four months to kill them , it worked perfectly . After that I had them removed by a certified urologist
      I couldn’t be happier

  6. I get a LOT of requests for help, list of resources for “gender nonconforming” men – medically recognized term for surgeons to perform modifications from castration, to nullo, to full transgender surgery but without change in “upper” social appearance. I hang out on RECON.COM as “gelding” there and get contacts from around the world. I gathered a list of clinics mostly in the U.S. that will perform these surgeries, and I know quite a few modified men.

  7. Wow this is an amazing story, however I’m coming from a different angle, I I’m a gay male who would like to have Gender Re-Assignment Surgery to create a Pussy, so I can be like a Trans Guy, apposed to being totally smooth down there, that too would be OK if I couldn’t have the above surgery to complete my transition into being a Non-Binary Male, the trouble is, there’s still that lingering position that in order to have this surgery that you have to take feminizing Hormones before you have that kind of Surgery, sadly it’s the case here in Australia and I have not met any Nullos here in Australia yet.

    I hope sincerely that things would change so that we can be included in the Non-Binary Banner, so that we can ad the N in the GLBTQIN+ Community.

  8. I really appreciate you highlighting non-binary identities, and the topic of nullification in particular. For those of us who have a complicated relationship with our bodies and who desire penectomy, castration, or nullification, it means a lot to be seen, and without being portrayed as insidious or mentally ill. I’ve been heartened to find that there are so many others with similar feelings and to have support within the community.

  9. Thanks for bringing this to the light, Tommy. This is more about whatever makes a person happy and fufilled with themselves than what others think.

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