TIM Marked Man – COLE

COLE is an Aussie poofter embracing his inner pig thanks to TIM


COLE sent us a very moving letter along with his tattoo pics. We’ve shared it here in its entirety:

“I’m a 42 year old gay man (we call them poofters in Australia), and about 5 years ago I had a serious encounter with cancer. I nearly died, and if it comes back I probably will. After I recovered I was badly scarred, and felt shitty about my body. It seems ironic, but Paul’s kind of porn helped me to feel that I was sexual again. The freedom with which the men encountered each other and took pleasure in what they did inspired me to put aside the concerns I had about how I appeared to other people, and embrace the pig inside. So I have, and I’ve never looked back.”

“Although I look entirely conventional and conservative when you see me in the street, something darker, more complex and mysterious is beneath, and this tattoo is part of claiming, freeing and celebrating that. Getting marked is about me claiming that new identity (which is now written on my flesh as well as contained in my flesh), but it is also about being identified with all of those other men who feel the same, and reject fear in order to be who they are. Plus, the design makes my partner really, really hard.”

COLE got his stamp in Victoria at:

Electric Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing

11 Bair Street

Leongatha 3953

Victoria, Australia

[+61 3 5662 4090]

Want to get the TIM stamp yourself? It’s simple. Grab your nuts, download the tattoo logo, and find an ink-slinger to help you take the T.I.M. Tattoo Challenge!

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  1. Cancer’s back, so I’m living life to the fullest, and enjoying the reactions my TIM tattoo gets. Two cycles of chemotherapy has left me as hairy as a 5 year old, but I’m still surprisingly horny and hungry for cock and arse. When none is available, I watch TIM porn and let my mind range…

  2. Nice piece of rump. Hope it gets to Melbourne for naked sex parties and other sperming services. Are you on bareback rt?

  3. Great ink fella, and Inspirational explanation, enoy the feeling your new ink gives you and celebrate with your fella in the hardest way you can as often as you can. Welcome to the brotherhood. Joe. UK

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