CASTING CALL || Shawn Wolfe

Shawn Wolfe is one sexy dude. He did a solo scene for Sean Cody when he was 21-years old. They called him the “Unicorn” on set because he was able to stay rock hard all day. He does not need to take anything to get or stay hard, it just happens. Shawn has been waiting to apply with us until he put on some weight and got a little older. Now at 25 he thinks that he has what it takes to be a T.I.M. man, do you agree?

Shawn started having sex when he was 14-years old and really gets into hardcore scenes. He prefers white and Latino guys, but is okay with black men in group settings. He really gets turned on by cameras and the idea of being filmed makes him hard. He is into cumsloppy holes and really wants to be a top in a gang-bang. While getting fucked he enjoys wearing a blindfold.

The proceeding is from his application. What do you think, is he worthy of being drafted into Paul Morris’ Army of Notorious pig bottoms? Enjoy his application , then go to Facebook and vote.

Shawn’s Application. –

  • [cock size] => 7″
  • [cut/uncut] => cut
  • [height] => 5’9″
  • [weight] => 165 lbs
  • [hair] => shaved
  • [eye] => blue
  • [bodytype] => swimmer
  • [ethnic] => white
  • [recdrug] => none
  • [fucking] => vers
  • [sucking] => vers
  • [piss play] => top
  • [nipple play] => vers
  • [felching] => not for me
  • [fist fucking] => top
  • [rimming] => top
  • [S&M] => top
  • [turn ons] => I generally am attracted to White or Latin men between the ages of 18-48. I love muscles, tattoos, body/facial hair, brown eyes, uncut cocks
  • [turn offs] => Smokers and small cocks
  • [fanatasy] => I want to be a top gang banging a hot bottom boy. I love a cum slut who wants loads.
  • [sexual talent] => I can take cock up my ass like a champion and I am verbal about it.

Should Shawn Be Our Next TIMWhore? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Think you have what it takes to be on of Paul Morris’ Men? Fill out an application here.

  1. The piercing is a huge turn off. He looks like Ian Jay with the piercing and I’d prefer a bit more diversity. I’ve always avoided scenes with Ian Jay too because he is absolutely not my type.

  2. He is so fucking hot, would so fucking rape him, pop a devils dick in him & go to town long dicking him. After blow my load deep in his hole…..allow him to clean it off.

  3. Blindfold him and do an ALL-BLACK GANG BANG on him. Then, once everyone has cum. Take off the blindfold and BOOM. He’ll be chasing men of any color for LIFE.

  4. Hell YES , he can feed me fuck me and breed me in a sling group setting and he can go towards the end since he wants to fuck a cum filled sloppy hole and he can fuck those loads in me , but what do you mean he should lose the nose ring ABSOLUTELY NOT, Thats fucking HOT and Makes him a Hot TIM Fuck Punk and stands out to be recognized by that Nose Ring and makes him a bit Piggy , I would flip and Fuck him too But I am surprised that he has No Tattoos but has a Nose Ring , hmmm ??? We can work on that and add a few more pig piercings to him

  5. damn he is sexy i would love to play his btm bitch in a gang bang just to make his fantacy come true

  6. absolutely not. this guy is far too pretentious and picky. TIM movies are about uninhibited sex, not this bullshit he has in his app.

      1. But loose the nose ring…makes him look like cattle on the way to slaughter.He did right with his body the last 4 years and his cock would make for an all night sucker!Can I lick the lollipop till it gets to the juicy center???mmmmm!

  7. Hot stuff…..I would definitely bottom for him…tho I would of preferred he be all Top. I think it suites his look.

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