Meet Dice – The latest man to be branded for Paul Morris’ stable of Marked Men.

“Well lets just say I started out young, first guy I met I was 13 I found his number from a park bathroom stall and called him for fun, when I turned 18 (now 26) I use to go to fantasy video on burnside (which is no longer active) and  I was always in awe all the sex and videos especially Paul Morris which to me is more real and raw (metaphorically and literally) just as is bareback sex.”

“For this tattoo pony reached out to me and asked and without hesitation I said yes, the follow day I talked with pony again and he informed me Paul loved the idea and with know that, that made me more happy of my decision. Go hard or go home right 😉 after the tattoo I called and talked with pony and said whatever makes Paul happy.

“For my taint tattoo I remember mentioning to it via a email to max and also to pony later on pony said Paul loved the idea so we went and did it, everyone was asking if I was sure an also said I could have it elsewhere, but with that in mind why not be the one that does it to the extreme.”

Think you’re man enough to get the TIM stamp yourself? It’s simple. Grab your nuts, download the tattoo logo, and find an ink-slinger to help you take the T.I.M. Tattoo Challenge!

Welcome to the stable of Marked Men, Dice!

 Dice got his ink done by Chaz Vitale Ritual Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing.  


  1. Great place for ink on a hot stud! Welcome to the fantasy that is the Treasure Island crew!!!

  2. What a great tat very well thought out and instant boner when I seen it, Dice is a true Paul Morris boy and we will see some good porn from this guy. I would tear that ass up in the sling if he was here and use him up and I know he would love every minute of it and have a smile when he leaves.

  3. Absolutely hot!! Seen this man once in person, but he was on the clock at work, which meant he could not get on my cock at the time… Better luck soon!!!

  4. Wow! Now i know you take it as a man. You can handle all sorts of pain. Love your porn mr. Continue your journey. Got all your dvds.

  5. I admire the brand TIM stable on the hole. certainly has been baptized cum. extr exciting tattoo on his bald head.,

  6. I love this hot fucker!!!! I would love to dump a few hot loads in his hole!!!

  7. Love all the tattoos! Plus your are sexy as hell! I already know when I move to portland this winter we are goung to b amazing friends!

  8. I like the tattoo very much. I have quite a few ones myself, but I would hesitate to go that far. Guess I haven’t got the balls ! Good for you !

  9. Matt Stratus here…Love your new page dice..I telling everyone when I am out about the site and you. I hope by January I can tryout for TIM.

  10. Hey Dice , your fucking awesome ink puts mine to shame, and you sure do have the bollocks to go that extra mile for the TIM stable . Keep it nasty Dice . JoeUK

  11. Hey Dice…That tat looks so fucking awesome on you man…..fuckin HOT AS FUCK….

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